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Experienced marketeer

After an international  career of more than 25 years in sales, customer service, marketing & projectmanagement, it was time in 2013 to set up my own business.

Mireille Tulp Barendrecht

I am determined to put my experience, creativity and passion for marketing to use, in helping other entrepreneurs with their marketing during these challenging times.

As a pioneer, I combine a French heart with the can-do attitude the people from Rotterdam are famous for.

How can I help you?

Please look around on my website and let me know which  marketing, sales or management challenges you are currently facing. It would be my pleasure to assist you!

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  • Online Marketing Consultancy
    Due to my extensive international experience I can assist you when your online presence is in need of a boost.
    It starts wiht a solid technical basis (CMS), combined with the appropriate design and relevant content for your audience, that allows you to be more visible to your potential customers. It goes without saying that such websites are responsive and SEO-friendly.  
    But it does not end here. How will it help when nobody actually visits your website? This is where my advice about SEA/SEO, Affiliate marketing and Social Media strategy comes into play.
  • Graphic design
    If you require help with the design of your new businesscards, flyers or maybe you want to provide your customers with an  E-Book, put me to the test, I am sure I will not disappoint you!
  • Marketing projects
    Why are the numbers of website visitors declining; how can your sales team be more effiective in their work;  what is the best way to introduce this new service or product to the appropriate target market.
    Allow me to convert these challenges to practical solutions.
  • Project management
    You have made up your mind!
    It's time for this new department or project,  you have allocated the necessary funds and your planning is rock-solid. But how can you effectively combine this project with the daily business? Or; due to this new project, some of your staff are loosing focus; how do you ensure continuity during vacation or illness?
    Let me help you with these projects, you will be surprised by my flexibilty and affordable rates.
    Take me to the test!




Broad International B2B marketing experience.



Creative and experienced assistance, that will help you grow your business, while staying focussed.



A breath of fresh air blowing through your company and looking with different eyes to your systems and processes.



By hiring Mireille Tulp's service, I wasn't only ensured with a nice and modern website at a sharp price.
She helped be gaining additional insights and techniques to better understand my target audience and provided much pratical advice in setting up my own business.

Drs. I.B.M. Helmich-Heuft,
Stuwkracht Management