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Online marketing as a key to succes

Your website is one of the most important promotional tools you can have. It doesn't make a difference whether you are a multinational or a freelancer; designing, planning, building, but also promoting and maintaining a website is timeconsuming and should also match your goals. A solid on-line presence can make or break your business.

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Invest in your business

With rapid improving technology, regular maintenance or updating a website (and its content management system) is as crucial as investing in new hardware and software.

Unfortunately once a website is online, most business owners think they are done, and not much resources are spent on it. This is such a waste; because when you are looking for some answers, what will you do? I bet you will pick up your mobile phone and key in some search terms in Google, to find an answer. Your attention will be draught to the most reliable and appealing website. Dated or badly designed websites will beleft aside.

Let me help you

My approach is a mix between; hands-on and up to date oinline marketing techniques, creative thinking and simple tools to find just the best solution for you!

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How I work:

  • Intake
    Each project begins with a free intake. Prior to this meeting I will always send you a questionnaire, so I have an idea of your preferences before we start. Next I will listen to your goals and businesscase. Depending on your information and the available budget, I will either work on a proposal or refer you to a colleague better suited for your case.
  • Briefing and proposal
    After our meeting I will brief you and send you a proposal for this project. It's up to you to decide if you continue or not.
  • Wireframe and design
    Usually I will offer two alternatives for your project, always with your targets audience, objectives and preferences in mind.
  • Implementation
    Once you have decided on the design and content, it's getting serious and implementing the website starts. No important changes can be made after this point.
  • Maintenance & training
    Organizing user trainings, a service contract of a maintenance contract can also be provided
  • Graphic design
    From experience I know that one often leads to the other. Additionally I can assist you with designing a logo or entire corporate identity including a website; which is more affordable than you might think.
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